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Welcome to the Bio21 Institute, a flagship multidisciplinary research centre of excellence in the basic disciplines underpinning biotechnology and nanotechnology. Cutting-edge and architecturally unique, the building is in the heart of Parkville's Biotech Precinct. Opened in 2005, the main complex is home to more than 600 researchers, professional staff, students and industry participants.

Co-located at Bio21 are members from Departments of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Pharmacology, Dental Science, School of Biosciences, School of Chemistry, Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering and Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering.  Our industry participants range from the R&D group of Australia's largest biopharmaceutical company - CSL Ltd, to diverse start-up companies residing in the Institute's Incubator and Business Centre.

This interactive site has been developed to help you settle in to your new home and provide you with an online reference guide. It includes basic information on the facilities, services and activities available to all Institute members.

The Bio21 Institute aims to add value and breadth to your experience in areas including interdisciplinary research programs, access to cutting edge technology and expertise, leadership training and business development programs, community outreach and industry engagement opportunities.  Overall, a range of programs and activities that complement your disciplinary depth, skills and experience.

At the Bio21 Institute, fostering our internal community is important. We encourage you to contribute in our diverse programs, activities, and associations, and to provide us with your feedback and suggestions.

The Bio21 Institute as a facility provides an environment that fosters leading edge research. However, it's about the people, and together we can explore new horizons to make a difference in research, industry and the community. We welcome you and hope your first days and journey ahead are all that you imagined and more.

Professor Michael Parker, Director

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