Parking for visitors

Due to ongoing developments within the Western Precinct of the University there is no visitor parking available at the Institute.


Bicycle parking is available in the Bio21 Institute Basement car park for members. This parking consists of a number of bicycle parking racks. Individuals will need to secure their bicycles with their own padlocks. Please note this facility is used at your own risk.

To provide access, Bio21 Institute member's University ID cards have been updated to include basement car park access via the vehicle ramp. This access can only be used by those who have approved car access to the basement car park or for bicycle riders to access the bicycle parking. Any unauthorised parking in the car park may result in a fine being imposed by the University's Parking Control.

Under no circumstances are bicycles allowed inside the building, such as in laboratories, lift wells, offices or public spaces. In addition, bicycles are not to be secured to the front of the building.