Basic Services

The Bio21 Institute provides a number of basic services:


A laundry service for laboratory coats, gowns, uniforms and cotton toweling is available to all Bio21 Institute research groups:

  • Laundry bags have been placed in the storeroom at the end of aisle 7 for respective departments 
  • Dirty laundry is collected Thursday every second week and returned the following Monday after 2 pm
  • Each department is responsible for collecting their own clean laundry from the storeroom
  • Billing will be by a monthly chargeout transaction to departments

Refer all laundry queries to bio21-stores [at] (Stores)

Toilets, showers/change rooms

Toilets are available in the atrium on each level of the building:

  • Shower and change room facilities are available on all floors in toilets provided for disabled access
  • The Institute does not provide towels or shower accessories


Lockable hampers and pedestals are located in offices:

  • In postgraduate student offices, each student desk has access to a lockable hamper and one drawer, which are on the same key
  • Additional lockers are located on each floor under pigeon holes; these are used at the discretion of the resident groups
  • Keys to these lockers will be issued and managed by individual departments or research groups


The Institute's central mailroom is located on ground level, north next to the security office:

  • Mail is delivered there daily from the University's central mailroom and sorted for collection from the mailroom
  • Outgoing mail (internal or external) is collected by the Building Supervisor daily from the mailroom to enable same day dispatch
  • All outgoing mail must be identified by the sender's name, department/group and include instructions for mailing (e.g. airmail, printed matter)
  • Where appropriate, University employees and students should use the Victorian Courier Service (internal mail service) 
  • Please ensure all mail for postage is in a satchel which identifies the department/group for appropriate charging
  • Private unstamped mail will not be processed

Mail enquiries are to be directed to bio21-reception [at] (Bio21 Reception).

Waste Disposal

The Bio21 Institute manages waste disposal:

  • Hazardous waste is to be brought to the loading bay area Monday to Friday,12pm-2pm for storage
  • It may be accepted at other times, if there is an urgent need, by contacting the Stores Manager, peter.coles [at] (Peter Coles).
  • When disposing of waste all users need to ensure container lids are securely fastened to prevent spillage
  • Containers must be of appropriate high density plastic
  • Glass or metal containers will not be accepted due to transportation and corrosion risks
  • Any waste that is inappropriately labelled or packaged will not be accepted
  • Users must provide a completed disposal form and the department/lab/group details must be included on each container's label - if in doubt, see the procedures posted on the wall outside the waste storage room
  • New labels, containers and waste disposal forms can be collected from the waste storage area

  • PC2/biohazard waste is disposed of in the 240 Litre yellow biohazard wheelie bins available for purchase by Bio21 Stores account holders
  • Empty bins must be ordered online via the lab's stores account and collected from a holding area in the loading bay - these will be issued by stores staff only
  • Full bins may be dropped off at the loading bay weekly on Thursday afternoons for collection Friday morning when new bins will be delivered

Recycling and/or Disposal

Stores can arrange the following:


  • Dry batteries
  • Cardboard
  • Metal
  • Paper
  • Plastic containers


  • Chemicals, dry waste
  • Computers and printers
  • Cytotoxic waste
  • Glass waste
  • Solvent waste
  • Hard waste
  • Radioactive wet and dry waste
  • Toner cartridges
  • Visy wheelie bins
  • Wooden crates & pallets