Meeting Spaces

Meeting rooms

The Institute has a number of meeting rooms available for use by members and tenants (charges may apply). The rooms vary in size, have network access and a digital d-term telephone handset which allow for hands free use. 

Members and tenants should contact IT prior to their meeting to confirm network access, if required (charges may apply).

Meeting rooms are located on each level for use by groups. They are located on the eastern end of the building, except for level 1 where the meeting room is on the western side, and can accommodate up to 12-16 people around the tables.

Meeting room booking procedure

Bookings can be made by emailing bio21-reception [at] (Concierge) with the following details:

  • Date (if recurring, start and end date)
  • Frequency of meeting (weekly, monthly, etc)
  • Time slot (start and finish time)
  • Organiser or Chair (name and contact number)
  • Meeting subject (for example, lab meeting, seminar, etc)
  • Number of participants
  • Special needs (for example, projector, microphones, etc)

A successful booking will be confirmed by Concierge or alternatives advised.

Booking conditions

  • Requests for single meetings can be made up to three months in advance
  • Requests for regular bookings for a calendar year are accepted in November. Existing regular bookings have priority for the first half of November. If not renewed by 15 November, the time slot will be made available to others
  • Concierge must be advised if regularly booked rooms are not required for more than a month. If not advised, Reception will cancel the booking for the remainder of the year. This will ensure productive use of the facility.
  • Phones, where supplied, are for internal (UoM) and local calls only. A calling/phone card should be used for conference calls requiring interstate or international connections. These cards are not provided by the Institute
  • The booking of meeting rooms covers the use of the room only and does not include the provision of IT Services, food, beverages, catering and materials (e.g. whiteboard pens and butchers paper)

Spaces for smaller groups

Smaller group meetings for up to 10 people can also be held in the breakout areas surrounding the lifts on levels 1, 3 and 5. No bookings are required, so they are available on a first come, first served basis. The cafe is also available for small, informal meetings.

Director's Boardroom

The boardroom is part of the Executive Office and is not available for general use.

In exceptional circumstances, a request can be made to the fkwatson [at] (Director's Executive Assistant) (charges may apply).

Meeting Rooms Phone numbers:

Level 2 South

T: 834 42294 (ext 42294)

Level 3 South 

T: 834 42327 (ext 42327)

Level 4 South

T: 834 42367 (ext 42367)

Level 5 South

T: 834 42401 (ext 42401)

Level 5 North

T: 834 42434 (ext 42434)