Audio visual & Office Equipment

Projectors for loan

The Institute has two digital projectors and an overhead projector available for loan (charges may apply).

Bookings must be made in advance by contacting Reception. Please ensure you return the equipment when due. If there are any problems with the equipment, or if there is damage, please report this immediately to reception.


Fax machines are the responsibility of Institute members. In an emergency situation, the Institute has a fax at reception which can be accessed as a backup. Please note the fax facility is available for business purposes only. Please discuss with Reception.


A photocopier is available for Institute members and is located in the mailroom on the ground level. Access to the copier is by a PIN code specific to each department. Users should supply their own photocopying paper.Any enquiries please contact Reception .


On University extensions, dial 0 prior to dialing an external telephone number.

Most University Bio21 Institute laboratory and offices are provided with a Cisco IP phone handsets.


UniWireless allows students and staff to connect to the network and access University computing resources. To access UniWireless you will need your central email username and password and a portable computing device, such as a laptop or PDA.


The UniWireless service provides coverage in the Bio21 auditorium, atrium and cafeteria areas.

Who has access?

University of Melbourne staff and students are able to access the service. Laptops configured to use the service on the main campus should be able to automatically access in the common areas mentioned above.

For help with UniWireless

UniWireless is not a Bio21 Institute administered service; it is a University service that replaces the decommissioned MUWireless. For more information about UniWireless, please contact your departmental IT staff.