Bio21 Director’s Message - The Importance of Events @Bio21 - 2 July 2021

The human connection that we all yearn for and that we experience at meaningful events is challenging to recreate online. In a ‘typical’ pre-covid year such as 2018, Bio21 hosted 288 internal events; 168 external events; four international delegations; 10 school tours, with over 213 school students and ~650 members of the public, who attended Bio21’s Big Picture Seminars and the Open House weekend.

Director’s Message – The Chemistry of Partnerships - 19 May 2021

We are prepared to form partnerships when we trust and respect each other; when we can rely on each other’s commitment, goodwill and integrity. These are the building blocks of a good culture. Bio21 was founded on partnership and is aptly denoted by the three overlapping rings in our logo. As an interdisciplinary research institute, collaboration is written into Bio21’s DNA.

Bio21 Director’s Message – What can Bio21 do for you? - 8 April 2021

From the very outset, Bio21 was conceptualised as a truly multi- and inter-disciplinary research institute. The Bio21 community comprises research groups from three of the University’s STEM Faculties (Science, Medicine Dentistry and Health Sciences, and Engineering) as well as industry research groups and platform technology facilities. Industry is a key ingredient in the mix of Bio21 community, providing expertise in the translation of research, opportunities to collaborate and pathways to scientific industry jobs:

Bio21 Director's Message - Dismayed on International Women's Day - 10 March 2021

On Monday we celebrated International Women’s Day. In past years Bio21 has hosted some amazing events such as the Bio21 International Women’s Day Forum, celebrating and showcasing the work of women across the Institute and last year, an event where we heard from Bronwyn Kingwell, Senior Director, Research Therapeutic Lead, Cardiovascular and Metabolic Diseases, CSL and ARC Georgina Sweet Laureate and group leader, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at Bio21, Leann Tilley. These events gave us cause for optimism, providing a voice for our women, celebrating our female leaders and showing us that despite the way to go, we’d made some significant gains. We heard that in the course of people’s careers, significant change had occurred and that women in science today are increasing in number, accepted, welcomed and expected in the lab, in the lecture theatre, as lead authors and co-authors on publications and as attendees and speakers at conferences (with babies in tow).
But the past year and even the past week have left me doubting this progress and feeling dismayed.

Bio21 Director’s Message - Losing Sight of Lorne - 23 February 2021

For nearly 30 years now, I’ve embarked on an annual pilgrimage to the Lorne Proteins Conference. I’m lured from the office and lab by the sun and the sound of the crashing surf, the rainforest walks to hidden waterfalls, koalas spotted drunkenly lolling on gum tree limbs, kangaroos on the golf courses and salty hot fish ‘n chips on the beach. All whilst consuming an intellectual feast of protein science.

Bio21 Director’s Message - 12 reasons to be optimistic about 2021 at Bio21 - 5 February 2021

The year 2020 brought bushfires, that threatened and destroyed communities and ecosystems; and two waves of coronavirus infection, that locked down our city and state for three months, isolating us from our extended families and social networks.  Our research was put on ice and our lectures moved online. Our confidence was dented and our sense of optimism for the future maybe dampened. What will 2021 bring? 

Bio21 Director's Message - The Joy of Giving - 23 December 2020

With a newsfeed dominated by COVID-19 updates, you probably skimmed over or missed this headline in the Guardian newspaper 19 September this year: “Billionaire Chuck Feeney achieves goal of giving away his fortune. Irish-American mogul’s philanthropic foundation runs out of cash after 38 years.

Bio21 Director's Message - Funding Freedom to Fail...& Discover - 14 December 2020

To have the opportunity to make discoveries that win Nobel Prizes or to make an impact on the lives of people, scientists need long term, consistent funding, that provides the opportunity to take a risk, explore, fail and stumble upon something new and exciting.

Bio21 Director’s Message: Acknowledging different experiences and impacts of Covid-19 on Bio21 community members - 19 November 2020

As we slowly approach a “COVID-normal” return to Bio21, I thought it worth reflecting, in a series of invited Digest messages, on the hardships some of our community have endured and continue to endure by the pandemic. However, it has been heartening to see that some exciting new opportunities also have and will emerge as we return to Bio21. In this message our Associate Director for Engagement, Sally Gras, reflects on her experience over the last few months followed by some observations from David Stroud and Kim Kwan:

Bio21 Guest Message: Matt Hardy, CSL – Parkville History Essay - 5 November 2020

The “Welcome to Country” said at the start of Bio21 events should continually remind us that until the mid-19th century and for thousands of years before that, the Parkville precinct had been in continual use by the Woi wurrung people as a camping ground and for Corroborees with the neighbouring Boon wurrung, Wathaurong and Taungurong peoples, with known sites within Royal Park and on either side of Sydney Road.


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