Media Release: Australian scientists changing the world recognised with Academy awards

Bio21's Professor Andrew Holmes has been recognised with Matthew Flinders Award as part of the Australian Academy of Sciences Honorifics.

Pursuit: New drug target for sugar-coated viruses

, University of York and Bio21's  and researchers from the Universities of Warwick and Oxford have shed light on how encapsulated viruses like SARS-CoV-2 hijack the protein manufacturing and distribution pathways in the cell, as well as a drug target to stop them in their tracks.

Three ways to break a sugar chain

Mushrooms are some of nature's mightiest recyclers, breaking down glycosidic bonds that hold carbohydrate chains together.

Bio21 Symposium in Honour of Professor Frances Separovic AO

Monday, 30 September, 2019 - 13:00 to 17:00

The symposium will take place at the Bio21 Molecular Science and Biotechnology Institute, Monday, 30 September, 1-5pm


National Science Week: The Art & Science of the Periodic Table

Wednesday, 14 August, 2019 - 15:30 to 17:00

Hear from artist Damon Kowarsky and scientists, Professor Frances Separovic AO, Dr Nick Williamson and Dr Andrew Leis, how we use magnetic resonance and mass spectrometers and electron microscopes to harness our knowledge of the elements to solve scientific puzzles in medicine, the environment and agriculture.

Media Release: Motor neurone disease breakthrough: Patient trial shows impressive clinical results

A new drug delays motor neurone disease progression and improves cognitive and clinical symptoms according to recently announced trial results.

ARC Centre of Excellence in Exciton Science - Official Launch

Wednesday, 13 December, 2017 - 14:00 to 15:00

Join us at the official launch of the ARC Centre of Excellence in Exciton Science, 2pm, 13 December 2017 

The exciting future of light energy

In a world of growing energy needs, and a global imperative to halt carbon emissions, a tiny ‘quasiparticle’ called an exciton could provide the answer to our problems.

Professor Frances Separovic honoured at UNSW Alumni Awards

Prof Emma Johnston presents Prof Frances Separovic with the UNSW Alumni Award in the Science and Technology category, for her contribution to chemistry and the promotion of women in science. Photo: Ms Maja Baska


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