Bright ideas at the EBSS Research Poster Symposium

Elizabeth Blackburn Science School, Year 11 student Christian Caramozzino with his mentors Quentin Hong and Wallace Wong at the Research Summit, 5 October 2016.

Killing Superbugs with Star-Shaped Polymers, not Antibiotics

Bio21's Associate Professor Neil O’Brien-Simpson and Professor Eric Reynolds from the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences and Bio21 Institute were on the team that created the star-shaped ‘peptide polymer’ structures that hold promise for a new treatment methods against superbugs.

Georgina Sweet Awards for Women in Quantitative Biomedical Science Announced

Congratulations to Bio21's Kat Holt, recipient of the Georgina Sweet Award for Quantitative Biomedical Science.

Bio21 Big Picture Seminar: Alternative Drug Discovery in Pharma...a snapshot of diversity in GSK drug discovery through collaboration

Friday, 26 August, 2016 - 13:15

Hear John Haselden, VP and Head of Malaria Discovery GSK speak about examples from GSK’s 'alternative' portfolio, including Diseases of the Developing World and Maternal/Neonatal Health.

Climate change will create new ecosystems, so let's help plants move

If we are to help wildlife and ecosystems survive in the future, we’ll have to rethink our parks and reserves.

Rudi Lemberg Lecture - The History of the Nobel Prize

Friday, 9 September, 2016 - 13:30

Hear Professor Larry Berliner, Australian Academy of Science's 'Rudi Lemberg' Travelling Fellow, talk on the history of the Nobel Prizes, 1:30 pm, 9 September in the Bio21 auditorium

A department that collaborates together, stays together

Professor Paul Gleeson was Head of the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from 2006 to 1 June, 2016.


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