Guest Message - Spencer Williams, Associate Director, Commercialisation

At this time of year our lecture theatres, hallways and lab offices fill with the sounds of Honours and Masters graduate research students busily completing their projects and preparing to present their reports in thesis and oral formats. Last Wednesday and Thursday the School of Chemistry MSc/Hons students presented their talks in the Bio21 auditorium and this week the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Honours students presented their final talks.

Guest Message - Kirsty Turner, Research Support Services Manager

Although on holiday, I could not completely switch off my ‘operations brain’. I could not help but wonder about what was happening in the background to allow us to enjoy this carefree experience and I was fortunate enough to receive a glimpse of this at the Captain’s Welcome Drinks, where we heard from the Operations Director of the ship.

Guest Message - Michael Wilson, Vice President, Research, CSL Ltd

CSL recently marked another major milestone in its 103 year history, announcing the construction of a new purpose-built global headquarters in the heart of the Parkville precinct.

Director's Blog - 23 August 2019 - How collaborative culture fuels research success

Last week as part of the Faculty of Science’s ‘Science Festival’, I was invited to participate in a panel discussion: ‘Different perspectives, one solution. How can we cross the divide between the physical and life sciences, engineering and the humanities?’ The event showcased some wonderful examples of multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary research.

Deputy Director's Blog - 16 August 2019 - Gender Equity, Plastic & the Periodic Table

This year, the year I officially retired from the School of Chemistry (but not from the Bio21 Institute), has inadvertently become as busy as ever. It has coincided with a significant year for chemistry: the International Year of the Periodic Table of Chemical Elements; and it has been wonderful and humbling to receive a Queen’s Birthday Honour, which I celebrated with the Bio21 leadership team over dinner last week. I also felt very privileged to have been chosen to introduce the World Chemistry Leaders meeting at the IUPAC 2019 Congress in Paris, France on 10 July.

Microscopy Blog - 12 July 2019 - What's so special about EM?

In the past week, the Bio21 Institute has received a cryo-electron microscope (EM) Glacios. The instrument belongs to the Monash Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences (MIPS), but in exchange for housing the microscope we receive shared access to it.

Director's Blog - 21 June 2019 - The Art of Communication

Communication is as much about listening as it is about speaking or writing.

Director's Blog - 11 June 2019 - A Visionary Veterinary Research Institute and beyond

If you go to the second floor of the Nancy Millis building common area, you get a good view of the demolition of the 1950 additions of the old Veterinary Research Institute. 

Director's Blog - 17 May 2019 - (1855 - 1910) From horses to courses...

On lunchtime walks through Parkville, you may have noticed a replica of a horse head jutting out of the corner of the historic ‘North Market Wall’ enclosing the ‘Bio21 precinct’ on the corner of Park Drive and Storey Street.

Director's Blog - 5 April 2019 - Gender and diversity, an issue of fairness..

No one can deny that academic science is a very competitive industry. Having established a ‘Women of Bio21 Committee’, initially led Uta Wille and continued by Diana Stojanovski, as an Institute we recognise that there are challenges and that we need to take action.


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