Bio21 researchers funded for discovery in 2020

Congratulations to Guy Jameson, Paul Donnelly, Mark Rizzacasa, Uta Wille and Eric Reynolds. I am also one of the fortunate recipients of the ARC Discovery Project grants and to David Ascher on being offered an Early Career Researcher grant.

Bio21 ARC LIEF Grant Success

Bio21 teams have been successful with four University of Melbourne-led grants and one with the University of Wollongong.

What a great idea! Bio21 Researchers receive NHMRC Ideas funding

Bio21's Hamish McWilliam, Kristin Brown, Justine Mintern, Isabelle Rouiller and Spencer Williams are the recipients of NHMRC Ideas grants commencing in 2021.

Bio21 Members Funded for Discovery

Bio21 researchers, Spencer Williams, Paul Gooley, Elizabeth Hinde, Marc Sani and Ary Hoffmann are recipients of ARC Discovery and Linkage grants. 

NHMRC funds Bio21 research

Professors Eric Reynolds and Paul Gooley have received NHMRC funding to investigate tooth repair and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Media Release: Solar panel efficiency could mean consumer savings of 20 percent

Congratulations to Bio21's David Jones, whose research to improve the efficiency of solar cells has been supported by a $1.29 million grant from the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA).

Bio21 researchers funded to investigate molecular mechanisms in health and disease

Congratulations to Michael Parker, Eric Reynolds and Debnath Ghosal, who received NHMRC Investigator grant funding.

Bio21 Teams Funded for Discovery

Congratulations to members of the Bio21 community whose research has received funding and who have been part of LIEF infrastructure and equipment grants that have received funding.

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