Researching Research - A week of work experience at Bio21

1 July 2016

By Kevin Cheung and Zara Tse, Year 10 work experience students, Bio21

Yes, those random people you saw at Bio21 last week were high school students on work experience. From the 27th June to the 1st July a group of ten high school students from around the state converged on the Institute to engage in a week of work experience. From the NMR cave to the various laboratories around the Institute, the students managed to clog elevators, crowd couches in the café and tried to learn about the ins and outs of your research.

Students have been bombarded with knowledge and insights that they will forever retain. Exclamations of ‘wow’ and what?’ were common phrases in their time here. A collaborative appreciation of complexity was found among the students, with the NMR reading throwing everyone into deep thought. Inconclusive results regarding Leishmania cultures (most likely due to poor experimental technique) and surprising bacterial cultures from mouth samples kept the students, covered in laboratory coats and safety glasses, on their toes. We’re all grateful for this opportunity to witness your work and thankful to you for allowing us in and taking the time to explain your roles to us.

You have left a resounding impact on us students; an impact that will last for months, if not years to come.