Malaria parasites stop eating to avoid artemisinin antimalarials

Dr Simon Cobbold, Dr Tuo Yang and Prof Leann Tilley, celebrating their discovery of the mechanism of artemisinin resistance, published in Cell Reports today.

Academia and industry join forces against malaria

Professor Leann Tilley and Dr Stanley Xie from the Bio21 Institute are working with experts from the Japanese company, Takeda Pharmaceuticals, and Swiss-based foundation, Medicines for Malaria Venture (MMV), in a double-pronged effort to develop new antimalarial drugs.  

CryoEM insights into the nanomachine that powers the cell’s garbage disposal system

Capitalising on the revolution brought about by structural cryo-electron microscopy (cryo-EM), a Bio21 team led by Dr Mike Griffin and Prof Leann Tilley has generated molecular movies of a sophisticated nano-machine, called the proteasome. 

Collective intelligence needed to solve malaria

Collective intelligence needed to solve malaria. Hear Leann Tilley explain

Media Release: New hope in global race to beat malaria parasite’s deadly new resistance

Scientists have made a major breakthrough in the global search for a new drug to beat the malaria parasite’s growing resistance to first-defence treatments.

Academia and industry join forces against malaria

Professor Leann Tilley and Stanley Cheng Xie from the Bio21 Institute are joining with Takeda Pharmaceuticals in the fight against malarial drug resistance.

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