Infectious Diseases

Media Release: Legions of immune cells in the lung keep Legionella at bay

A team of specialist researchers in Melbourne believe they have found a major response that helps keep the Legionella infection at bay.

Image of the Month: Ghana

Image for September: Residents of a community in the Upper East Region Ghana

'Humpty Dumpty' program 'Bandage' helps piece DNA sequences back together again and wins 2015 iAwards

The process of DNA sequencing chops up bacterial DNA into millions of small fragments. Like the remains of Humpty Dumpty, the challenge is then to put all the fragments back together again.

Media Release: Toxoplasma parasite’s greedy appetite might be its downfall

Researchers are a step closer to developing drug targets for Toxoplasmosis, after gaining insight into its unique feeding behaviour.

How Bio21 researchers helped Elizabeth Blackburn VCE students do some real science

Period 1 – Maths; Period 2 – Chemistry; Period 3 - Cure Ebola; Period 4 - English. It’s not a typical class schedule. But then, the Elizabeth Blackburn School of Science (EBSS) is not a typical high school.

Media Release: Genome of dangerous superbug - Klebsiella pneumoniae - decoded.

An international team of scientists, led by the University of Melbourne, has decoded the genes of Klebsiella pneumoniae (KP).

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