Media Release: Tracking the global movement of malaria parasites and their variants 

An international collaboration of researchers led by Bio21's Prof Karen Day, have developed a computational method to identify  malaria parasites as they move around the world with their human hosts - key to measuring impact of elimination campaigns.

Using chemotherapy to fight malaria

Leading malaria researcher Professor Leann Tilley and her team have uncovered the mechanism of how frontline antimalarial drug, artemisinin, works and are now working on a promising chemotherapy-based compound to treat patients.

The genes that turn malaria into a killer

Bio21's Dr Duffy believes the key to combating the public health challenge of malaria is to focus on those people who are most susceptible to severe malaria – young children – and focus on those malaria strains that are most likely to cause death.

Discovering the deadly diversity of malaria

A new genetic fingerprinting technique has for the first time shown the huge genetic diversity of the malaria parasite, one of nature’s most persistent and successful human pathogens.

Media Release: Flexi is sexy for malaria parasite

Human red blood cells have remarkable abilities, allowing them to bend, extend and ‘squeeze’ through capillaries as they circulate through the blood stream.

Image of the Month: Ghana

Image for September: Residents of a community in the Upper East Region Ghana

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