Industry Engagement

Industry engagement includes a broad range of interactions between the University and business that involve the exchange of knowledge and ideas. When done well, engagement can lead to productive collaborations and drive the delivery of new technologies into industry and the marketplace, or allow industry to access knowledge, skills and technologies to solve important problems. For researchers seeking to engage with industry, advice is available from university staff and allied partners. These people can provide confidential advice on the potential of an idea, technology or invention, including market surveillance, links to potential industry partners and funding sources, and support in negotiation of contracts and agreements.


Professor Spencer Williams is the Bio21 Institute Associate Director Commercialisation. 
He was a co-founder of Fibrotech Therapeutics (sold to Shire Plc in 2014) and OccuRx, and is a shareholder and advisor to Certa Therapeutics, Melbourne-based biotechnology companies. His lead molecule with Armaron Biosciences has completed Phase II studies.
sjwill [at] (Please contact Spencer) if you are a member of the Institute and are seeking general advise about whether and how to embark on commercialising your research.






Martin Elhay is a Senior Business Development Manager responsible for Life Sciences, in particular FVAS and MDHS including Bio21.

Martin has a PhD from The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research in Immuno-parasitology after which he worked for 7 years as an academic in the Faculty of Veterinary Science and the Statens Seruminstutut, Denmark, on host responses to parasites and vaccine development.

More recently he has worked in Industry (CSL/Pfizer Animal Health from 1998 – 2013) concentrating on novel adjuvant and delivery systems and is responsible for several vaccines now on the market.

He is available at any time to discuss grants, engagement, technology commercialisation, research contracts and collaborations with Government and Industry. 

Faculty of MDHS and general enquiries martin.elhay [at] (Martin Elhay)
School of Dentistry, Drug Discovery jerome.wielens [at] (Jerome Wielens)
Business Development Director, Faculty of Science frances.guyett [at] (subject: Faculty%20of%20Science%20-%20Business%20Development%20Director) (Frances Guyett)
Melbourne School of Engineering: Bioinformatics, CIS angela.wu [at] (Angela Wu)
Biomedical Engineering brian.pang [at] (Brian Pang)





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Biocurate @ Bio21 on Tuesdays

A member of the Biocurate team will be at the Bio21 office in the Nancy Millis building each Tuesday from 10am onwards.

Feel free to drop by, or make an appointment to discuss how Biocurate can support you to translate your research.

c.drinkwater [at] (Catherine Drinkwater PhD | Senior Project Leader)

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