Discovering the deadly diversity of malaria

A new genetic fingerprinting technique has for the first time shown the huge genetic diversity of the malaria parasite, one of nature’s most persistent and successful human pathogens.

Media Release: Flexi is sexy for malaria parasite

Human red blood cells have remarkable abilities, allowing them to bend, extend and ‘squeeze’ through capillaries as they circulate through the blood stream.

Image of the Month: Ghana

Image for September: Residents of a community in the Upper East Region Ghana

Eliminating the Reservoir of Chronic Malaria Infections in Ghana: A Research Challenge

Dr Kathryn Tiedje, a malaria epidemiologist, visits Ghana several times per year to coordinate field research activities on behalf of the Day group and their collaborators from the University of Michigan (USA), Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical Research (Ghana) and Navrongo Health Research Centre (Ghana).

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