Platform Technologies

Underpinning contemporary biotechnology research are core platform technologies which help us to understand the composition, structure and interaction of molecules and then use this knowledge in industrial applications and biological processes.

The Institute has made significant investment in platform technology, creating critical mass in the areas of nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy, mass spectrometry and electron microscopy. Our 'NMR Cave' includes nine instruments including the massive $5 million 800 Megahertz NMR. In addition, the Institute has a $10 million nanobiotech facility which includes an electron microscopy suite equipped with five high resolution electron microscopes and associated clean room facility. A stable of 12 mass spectrometers are situated throughout the complex.

These key technologies provide powerful and versatile applications for the research conducted by our engineers, chemists, biologists, dental scientists, geneticists and pathologists.

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