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  • Pursuit: Using bacteria to control mosquitoes

    Read Bio21's Ary Hoffmann's piece published in Pursuit about how the Wolbachia bateria may hold the key to controlling the spread of dengue fever, the Zika virus and other mosquito-borne diseases.

  • When an artist looks at a chemical element, what do they see?

    Art meets Science in this new exhibition at Quantum Victoria by artists Damon Kowarsky and Hyunju Kim's displaying artworks with a unique interpretation of the periodic table of chemical elements. Read this piece by Professor Frances Separovic published in The Conversation.

  • Women of Bio21 - Ineke Muir

    Ineke Muir heads the Vascular Biophysics team, CSL Research. She investigates the effects of shear forces on preclinical drugs and therapies, to predict how they will behave in the bloodstream. She’s also a mum, an avid bike rider and an occasional bookworm.

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