Bio21 Stage 2B Project

The Bio21 Stage 2B Project will expand the Bio21 Institute’s multidisciplinary research, training and industry engagement and is directed at achieving the Institute’s ‘school to bench to workplace’ vision.

Opportunities to expand key research interests in the area of systems and computational biology and further development of technology platforms are a primary focus in establishing the new facility. This complements the capacity to enhance interactions with industry partners and contribute to graduate training and teaching programs.

Central to the vision of establishing the ‘school to bench to workplace’ vision is the collocation of the Elizabeth Blackburn School of Sciences at the Bio21 Western Precinct site.  The specialist science school for year 11 and 12 students is an essential element in the continuum that connects school students and teachers with scientists from the University, industry and the wider Parkville Biomedical Precinct. This forms the basis for the partnership that established EBSS as Stage 2A of the Bio21 plan.

To find out more about this initiative and to keep up to date on the project, visit the Bio21 Stage 2B project website.