Wedd Group


Professor Anthony Wedd

Professor of Chemistry 1991 - 2010

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We are from the School of Chemistry at the University of Melbourne and are located in the Bio21 Molecular Science and Biotechnology Institute. We are interested in the roles of various transition metals, including Cu, Fe and Zn in catalysis and biology. We use a multi-disciplinary approach spanning synthetic inorganic chemistry, physical chemistry, protein biochemistry and microbiology. 
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Our primary current work addresses fundamental issues regarding the chemistry of membrane copper pumps. They play central roles in regulating the nutrient copper levels in cells. Health issues associated with copper imbalance include a series of neurodegenerative diseases, anaemias, immune dysfunctions and wound healing. The nature of copper transport is poorly understood at the molecular level. An emphasis is development of quantitative techniques to probe the molecular action of these pumps.


  • Quantitative biological chemistry of metallo-proteins and -enzymes
  • Molecular roles of the nutrient metals copper, iron and zinc
  • Design of chromophoric probes for metal ions.

Team Members​

PhD Students

Mr Reza Tondfekr, PhD student