Reynolds Group

“The research programs of the Reynolds laboratory focus on the prevention and early diagnosis of oral disease, and on the known links to systemic diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer. - Laureate Professor Eric Reynolds AO


Received the Australian Prime Minister’s Prize for Innovation in 2017. This prize is awarded for the innovative translation of scientific knowledge into a commercially available product, service or process that has had a substantial economic, social and environmental benefit

Laureate Professor Eric Reynolds AO is Chief Executive Officer and Research Director at the Oral Health CRC at the Melbourne Dental School at the University of Melbourne.  For 16 years until 2015 Eric was Head of the Melbourne Dental School.  He has lectured and published extensively and has chaired and participated in a wide range of professional committees and panels.  Eric was appointed an Officer of the Order of Australia for his service to community dental health in 2005.  He has also been awarded the Clunies Ross National Science and Technology award in 2002 and the Victoria Prize for Science in 2005.  In 2011 he was awarded the Distinguished Scientist Award by the International Association for Dental Research, and in 2015 the Leach Medal for research excellence and the Global Health Impact Award from the University of Melbourne.  In 2016 he received the Award of Merit from the Australian Dental Association and in 2017 he received the Prime Minister’s Prize for Innovation. 

Awards and Recognition

Australian Prime Minister’s Prize for Innovation, 2017.
Australian Dental Association Award of Merit in recognition of the very significant contribution provided to dentistry and in particularly to dental research, 2016.
Global Impact Award by the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences, The University of Melbourne, in recognition of far reaching improvements in oral and general health arising out of research into oral disease prevention, 2015
Awarded the Leach Medal at the Lorne 40th International Meeting on Protein Structure and Function, 2015
Australian Dental Association Victorian Branch Award for Distinguished Service, 2013
Appointed as a University of Melbourne Laureate Professor, 2011.
Distinguished Scientist Award, International Association for Dental Research, 2011
Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Dental Surgeons, 2010
IADR/GlaxoSmithKline Innovation in Oral Care Award, 2009.
Fellow of the International College of Dentists, 2008
Fellow of the Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering, 2008
For Excellence in Innovation for Tooth Mousse Plus., Cooperative Research Centres Association Award for Excellence in Innovation, 2008
Anne and Eric Smorgon Memorial Award for outstanding contribution to science, technology and/or engineering, Jack & Robert Smorgon Families Foundation, 2005
Officer of the Order of Australia, AO, 2005
For scientific discovery or technological innovation to significantly advanced the State of Victoria., Victoria Prize - State of Victoria, 2005
Recognize outstanding achievement in the successful application of science and technology for the economic, social and environmental benefit of Aust., Clunies Ross National Science and Technology Award, 2002
The Loftus Hill Memorial Medal Award of Merit for outstanding scientific achievement, Dairy Industry Association of Australia, 2001
Alan Docking Science Award for outstanding scientific achievement in the field of dental research., International Association for Dental Research, Australian and New Zealand Division, 1997
William J. Gies Award - for best paper published in Journal of Dental Research in 1992, International Association for Dental Research and the American Association for Dental Research, 1992


The Reynolds laboratory is characterizing the novel Type IX Secretion System of Gram-negative bacteria using Electron Cryo Tomography.
Using recently developed techniques the team is studying the proteome, transcriptome and metabolome of oral pathogenic bacteria and have developed novel bacterial biofilm culture techniques and animal models to study how the interactions between the bacterial community and host contribute to disease. 
They are developing and assessing novel peptide-based vaccine technologies. They have characterized novel virulence factors of P. gingivalis and secretion, transport and genetic regulatory systems and determined the contributions of these to the virulence of the bacterium.
They have developed a novel nanotechnology based on stannous cross-linked phosphopeptides that have utility in the prevention and treatment of periodontal disease.


Structural chemistry, 
Bacterial proteomics and transcriptomics, 
Bacterial ecology, 
Bacterial biofilm analyses,
Protein chemistry 
Peptide vaccine technology.

Group Members

Group Leader

Laureate Prof Eric Reynolds

Senior Research Fellows

Prof Neil O'Brien-Simpson

Assoc/Prof Paul Veith

Research Assistants

Cheryl Augustine

Sally Byers

Susan Veith

Postdoctoral Fellows

Brent Ward

Lianyi Zhang

Yu-yen Chen

Keith Cross

Sabine Flenady

Michelle Glew

Dhana Gorasia

Laila Huq

Wenyi Li

Christine Seers

Graduate Research Students

Ibrahim Ali Mohammed

Rita Paolini

Ciara Redmond

Chirayu Ruengrungsom

Kevin Selva

David Stanton

Zhe Sun

Yan Tan