White Group


The research interests of the White group focus on:

  • Physical organic chemistry: Applications of the Structure Correlation principle, where the early stages of organic reactions can be mapped out in the solid state. Isolation and structural characterisation of reactive intermediates.
  • Radiopharmaceuticals: Organic molecules labeled with radioactive nuclei for PET imaging of hypoxic tissue, and in combination with antitumour antibodies in radioimmunotherapy.
  • Conductive polymers : Synthesis and characterisations of novel conductive polymers for biosensing agents, LED/LECs


Organic synthesis, mass spectrometry, single crystal x- ray crystallography.


Professor Jonathan White is a laboratory head located at the Bio21 Institute. He received his BSc Hons (1982) and PhD (1984) from the University of Canterbury, New Zealand.  From 1985-1988, he was Post Doctoral Fellow at University of Bristol, and from 1989-1990, he was Post Doctoral Fellow at Research School of Chemistry, Australian National University. In 1991, he was appointed lecturer in Chemistry at University of Melbourne, and promoted to Senior Lecturer in 1994.  He was promoted to Associate Professor and Reader in 2003.

Research interests include: physical and structural organic chemistry, radiopharmaceuticals, design and synthesis of DNA-binding radiomodifiers for use in radiation treatment of cancer.