Ian Holmes Imaging Centre

Nanotechnology and biomedical science bear a major impact on medicine, agriculture and the environment and therefore generate substantial economic benefits in the foreseeable future.

The Bio21 Institute's $12m Advanced Microscopy Facility is a key facility designed for physical sciences, life sciences and engineering applications.

At Bio21, the Advanced Microscopy Unit is home to the University of Melbourne's Electron Microscopy Unit, which is currently equipped with four state-of-the-art electron microscopes (two TEM and two SEM); a fifth one is to be commissioned in late 2015.

It also has two high end optical microscopes with a confocal and a super resolution system as well as sample preparation equipment as part of the University of Melbourne's Biological Optical Microscopy Platform (BOMP). The facility is open access and is available to academic and industry users on a collaboration and/or fee for use basis.

A wide range of equipment and expertise is available in the facility including:

  • TEM and SEM sample preparation
  • Microanalysis (EDS and EELS)
  • 3D (block face imaging, tomography)
  • Cryo TEM and Cryo SEM
  • Focused Ion Beam
  • Nanofabrication
  • Super resolution optical microscopy
  • Live cell imaging

Ian Holmes Imaging Centre

The Bio21 Institute's Advanced Microscopy facility is also part of a broader collaborative facility at the University of Melbourne. In conjunction with the Electron Microscopy Unit at the School of BioSciences and the Biological Optical Microscopy Platform (BOMP), the Melbourne Advanced Microscopy Facility caters for all basic and advanced microscopy applications.

You can find out more about the staff, expertise, equipment and access the booking calendars on the Ian Holmes Imaging Centre website.

All enquiries can be sent to:

Eric Hanssen

03 8344 2449

ehanssen [at] unimelb.edu.au