Hoffmann Group

“Our lab undertakes research on adaptation of organisms (particularly invertebrates) to environmental stresses including climate change and chemical pollutants, using field sites in the Victorian mountains, in tropical rainforests and in wetlands around Melbourne. We also develop integrated pest control options, investigate how landscape changes can be harnessed to provide pest control services, contribute to novel approaches for suppressing dengue mosquito vectors, and examine new ways to predict species distribution shifts under climate change.” – Professor Ary Hoffmann.


The Hoffmann group focuses on three main areas of research:

  1. Climatic Stress - to find traits that enable adaptation to climatic stress, and to understand the genetic basis of these traits;
  2. Applied - to develop better ways of sustainably controlling pest species important from an agricultural perspective.
  3. Applied – to explore new ways of reducing the transmission of human diseases by insect vectors based on endosymbionts. 

In understanding the main issues and mechanisms involved with adaptation of organisms to stress, we are able to make informed management decisions to assist the community and industry.

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Molecular population markers, ecological assessments, pesticide assays, quantitative genetic analyses, molecular species markers and entomological sampling.

Group Members

Group Head

Professor Ary Hoffmann AC FAA. FAAAS
Melbourne Laureate Professor
School of Biosciences
T: (+ 61 3) 8344 2204
E: ary [at] unimelb.edu.au

Research Staff

Alex Gill | Research Officer

Ashley Callahan | Research Officer

Belinda van Heerwaarden | ARC Future Fellow

Catilyn Perry | Research Fellow

Courtney Brown | Research Officer

Jade Russell | Research Officer

Jessica Chung | Bioinformation

Joshua Thia | Research Fellow

Kelly Richardson | Research Officer

Melissa Carew | Research Fellow

Monica Stelmach | Research Officer

Nancy Endersby-Harshman | Lab Manager and Research Fellow

Nick Bell | Research Operations Lead

Paul Umina | Enterprise Fellow

Perran Ross | DECRA Fellow

Peter Ridland | Research Fellow

Qiony Yang | Research Fellow

Tom Schmidt | DECRA Fellow

Xinyue Gu | Research Fellow

Graduate Students

Ashrita Dorai | PhD Candidate

Eddie Tsyrlin | PhD Candidate

Eloise Ansermin | PhD Candidate

Hareem Qazi | PhD Candidate

Hiromi Briones | PhD Candidate

Holly Kang | PhD Candidate

John Black | PhD Candidate

Mohd Farihan Md Yatim | PhD Candidate

Moshe Jasper | PhD Candidate

Safieh Soleimannejad | PhD Candidate

Véronique Paris | PhD Candidate