Emergency Response & Evacuation

An emergency is an event, actual or imminent, which endangers or threatens to endanger health and safety, property or the environment. Emergencies include natural events such as earthquake, flood and wind-storms, fires, explosions, road accidents, plague or epidemic, acts of war, hi-jacks, siege or riot, and disruption to essential services.

Floor Wardens - Yellow Helmet

A current list of floor wardens and deputy floor wardens is located on each floor is available on the Institute's intranet.
Please ensure you know who they are.  

Chief Warden/Deputy Chief Warden - White helmets

In the event of an emergency, the Chief Warden and Deputy Chief Warden will liaise with emergency services. When safe, the Chief Warden will authorize re-entry into the affected areas/buildings.

First Aiders - Green Helmet

Evacuation procedure (General)

  1. In the event of an emergency, a warning alert tone will sound in your area. 
  2. Prepare to evacuate by making your work area safe, but do not evacuate unless instructed.
  3. Turn off bunsen burners and any other equipment using a flame or not currently required.
  4. If an evacuation is necessary, the warning tones will be replaced by a whooping evacuation tone.
  5. Exit your laboratory or office area and shut doors behind you.
    • Do not take work related items with you.
    • Proceed calmly to the closest exit on your level in order to evacuate the building via the emergency stair wells.
    • Do not use lifts or the Atrium stairs in an emergency. 
    • Emergency stair wells are located on each floor at both ends of the corridor (refer to green arrows on Figure 1).
  6. Follow the emergency stairwell to exit at the ground level and leave building.
  7. Proceed to the designated assembly areas - either the Park Drive car park or the nature strip at corner of Park Drive and Flemington Road (see map for location Diagram 2).
  8. Report any problems to your floor warden.
  9. Do not re-enter the building until directed to do so by the Chief Warden.


Figure 1. Emergency Stairwells located at both ends of corridors on all levels

Figure 2. Bio21 Institute Map with Evacuation Assembly location highlighted. 

Emergency contact numbers

Fire brigade / Police / Ambulance:

Dial 0 - 000

Bio21 Institute Emergency Number (24/7)

0407 779 5244

Bio21 Institute Security (24/7):

03 834 42480 / 42481 / 0481 453 137

Technical Compliance Officer & Deputy Chief Warden - Jacinta Patti 

03 834 47350 

University Security Emergency (24/7): 

03 834 46666

Counselling and Psychological Services (CAPS): 

03 834 46927

Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Urgent Assistance Contact: 1800 808 374

Uni Health Services (Doctor):

03 834 46904

Poison Information Centre:

Dial 0 - 131126