Community Engagement and Contacts

A key aspect of the Bio21 Stage 2B Project is to engage with our local community and relevant stakeholders.

The University undertook a community engagement program to inform and consult the local community about the proposed Bio21 Stage 2B development project.

A detailed community engagement program, builds on the approach undertaken for the Elizabeth Blackburn School of Sciences project which opened in early 2014.

An initial consultation and feedback period was undertaken to gather views from our community.

This commenced on Tuesday 28 April and closed on Friday 15 May 2015 (inclusive).

Community engagement will continue throughout the duration of the Bio21 Stage 2B project.

Activities will include project updates via our website and contact with our local community and resident association.

Local residents and interested parties can provide feedback by contacting:

Project Team:

Email: bio21-stage2b [at]

Tel: 0466 556 831 during business hours

Bio21 Security:

(24x7 Emergency and after hours)

Tel: 834 42481

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