BioSciences inaugural ‘BECR’ Research Summit at Bio21

The inaugural BECR Research Summit, supported by the School of Biosciences, took place at the Bio21 Institute, Friday, 9 December.

Over fifty researchers attended and 45 gave five-minute ‘snapshot’ presentations of their research or research ideas to the group. “I’ve seen a fantastic array of types of research that is carried out in the School of Biosciences,” said Dr Sara Long, one of the event’s organisers.

To encourage collaboration and networking, the organisers David Sharley, Sara Long, Kathryn Hassell, Kim Johnson, Katy Jeppe, Natalie Briscoe, Reid Tingley and Allyson O’Brien and Kathryn Hassell hope to make the BECR Research Summit a regular event, to open it up to other faculties and to host other social events with the group throughout the New Year. Two prizes to value of $500 for research support and expense were funded by the School of Biosciences.

The ‘Best Presentation’ by popular vote was awarded to Patricia Jusuf. The judge’s prize was awarded to Heather McFarlane.

Visit the website and join the Facebook group to stay connected with BECR in the New Year.