Access cards and Keys

All new Institute members/tenants are issued with access cards and keys by the Institute's keys/Cards coordinator, as required. 

Applying for access cards and keys

New members/tenants, located in the Institute, should contact the Coordinator to order required keys and access cards by completing and lodging an Access Card and Key Request Form

Collecting access cards and keys

Members/tenants will be notified once the necessary keys and cards are available (within 48 hours). They can then be collected from Reception, where recipients will be asked to sign a register and a declaration covering use.

Access card and key register

A register managed by the Bio21 Institute's keys/cards coordinator is a record of the issue of all keys and access cards. Under no circumstances are keys or access cards to be passed on to another person. 

'Restricted' Master Key System

Keys for offices and other doors are fitted with a 'restricted' master key system. Individuals with offices will be allocated keys and will be required to sign a declaration.

Keys on a 'restricted' master key system cannot be copied. In the event keys or access cards are lost, please report this to the Bio21 Institute's reception immediately.

Under no circumstances are keys or access cards to be passed onto another person.  If you lose your keys or card, please contact reception immediately.  In the absence of the coordinator, please advise the Institute's Operations Manager. Charges apply for replacement keys and access cards.

Your responsibilities:

  • Keep your keys/cards in a secure location
  • Keep items in your area of responsibility locked and secure
  • Do not loan your keys/cards to anybody
  • Under no circumstance swap keys or pass your keys to anybody else if you change office locations - keys are to be returned and new keys issued
  • Report any lost keys/cards immediately
  • Do not have any keys copied.
  • Return all keys when you leave the Bio21 Institute or are asked to do so.