Media Release: Professor Andrew Holmes named AAAS 2017 Fellow

ANDREW HOLMES of UNIVERSITY OF MELBOURNE has been named a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science

Bio21 Teams Funded for Discovery

Congratulations to members of the Bio21 community whose research has received funding and who have been part of LIEF infrastructure and equipment grants that have received funding.

Why flu can be fatal

After an initial severe infection, patients may be at high risk of contracting secondary infections and developing fatal pneumonia.

Coming to the genetic rescue of our endangered marsupials

Genetic variation is essential for survival; it allows species to adapt and evolve so they can overcome disease and other environmental threats, and avoid the negative consequences of inbreeding.

Bio21 researchers reap rewards at ComBio2107 conference

Bio21 researchers from the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, including the Tilley, van Driel, McConville, Gleeson and Hinde labs made a good showing, presenting their work and collecting awards for their presentations.

Research Scientist for a week - By Elvis Tran

For a week in June, I was no longer a student bound by books and constantly in a classroom setting. Instead, I had become a research scientist at Bio21, surrounded by million-dollar cutting-edge biotechnology.


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