Magnetic Resonance spectroscopy determines the structures of molecules ranging from small chemicals to macromolecular proteins and nucleic acids. It is particularly useful for the analysis of proteins that cannot be crystallised and for investigating interactions between proteins, biological membranes and ligands, including potential new drugs. The Bio21 Institute's substantial Magnetic Resonance facility is one of Australia's leading Magnetic Resonance centres.

At the Bio21 Institute, Magnetic Resonance is primarily used for investigating structures of potential drug and pesticide targets, protein pharmaceuticals and include metabolite biomarkers of disease as well as interactions of proteins with their specific ligands (including candidates drugs) and, where relevant, their target membranes. Magnetic Resonance capability is also important to a range of analytical and synthetic chemistry applications.

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  • Stage 2C Impacts - Access Changes

    From the 28th of October there will be changes to the Bio21 NMR facility access. This will be due to the establishment of builder’s compound for the Stage 2C works which will be in place for several months.


    ALL access to the facility will be via the NORTHERN door next to Sunnia’s office. The other entrance will be hoarded off and inside the construction zone.


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