Open Day - Discover Research @ The Bio21 Institute -16 Aug 2015

Sunday, 16 August, 2015 - 10:00 to 16:00

The Bio21 Institute is open for the University of Melbourne's Open Day, 16th August 2015

Elizabeth Blackburn goes back to school

“In science most things fail” Nobel Laureate, Professor Elizabeth Blackburn told an auditorium full of Year 11 and 12 students from the school named in her honour, the Elizabeth Blackburn Science School, University High School, on Friday morning 31st July 2015.

“Challenge is the name of the game and you get resilient. Keep persisting, but also know when to give up,” she said.

Everyday quantum mechanics and the study of cell membranes

A precious cargo arrived from Bruker at Bio21 Institute in wooden-sealed boxes on the 7 February 2015.

How Bio21 researchers helped Elizabeth Blackburn VCE students do some real science

Period 1 – Maths; Period 2 – Chemistry; Period 3 - Cure Ebola; Period 4 - English. It’s not a typical class schedule. But then, the Elizabeth Blackburn School of Science (EBSS) is not a typical high school.

Bio21 Advanced Microscopy Facility to house one of the most modern 3D scanning electron microscopes

From cell to tissue biopsies and soft materials, cell biologists, engineers and physicists, will soon be able to obtain high resolution, three dimensional images from large sample volumes at the Bio21’s Advanced Microscopy facility.

Bio21 Researchers' ARC Linkage Success

ARC Linkage

The ARC Linkage Project funding outcomes were announced 7 July 2015.

Philip Batterham honoured for a lifetime of genetics research

Professor Philip Batterham, Faculty of Science, has been awarded the 2015 MJD White Medal from the Genetics Society of AustralAsia.


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