The following safe work procedures are designed to assist managers and supervisors to control local working conditions and manage environmental health and safety (EHS) issues for staff and students. The safe work procedures manual is designed to work within the university's Environmental Health and Safety Manual. The following procedures also contain generic risk assessments which can assist areas to control risks by following simple control strategies. MDHS Generic Guides


All laboratory research and teaching activites should be controlled by good management practices. The following safe work guidelines and instructions are provided to assist staff and students managing laboratory areas to control all aspects of environment, health and safety. There are generic risk assessments for a variety of items of equipment and control measures for reducing risk of many laboratory based hazards.  MDHS Generic Guides

Glass disposal

All glass bottles discarded in the yellow bins must have the labels removed or thoroughly defaced. Please ensure that bottles and chemical containers not only have no labels or defaced labels but also have been cleaned appropriately to remove any trace of the original chemical they contained. This is a reminder as the glass recycling process assumes that all material is free of dangerous goods or hazardous substances.


Under no circumstances are gloves to be worn outside of laboratories

Lab coats

Under no circumstances are lab coats to be worn outside of laboratories

Radioactive waste disposal

Radioactive waste will be accepted & stored for disposal by appointment only. Contact the Stores & Purchasing Manager on 42246 to arrange a mutual time.

Securing of 'attractive' items, equipment and personal belongings

It is important to ensure all 'attractive' items, equipment and personal belongings are securely locked away in hampers or desk unit drawers, even in locked offices.  Any incidents are to be reported to Security and the Institute's Operations Manager.

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