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Director's Blog - 20 December 2018 - So much to be grateful for...

As we have arrived at the end of the year and social gatherings fill our calendar, it is a time, to celebrate and reflect on the challenges and the achievements of the past year and to give and receive gifts, as tokens of our appreciation, strengthening our relationships. The biggest event and gift to us all in the Bio21 calendar for this year took place last Friday, 14 December, where Bio21 celebrated the long-awaited opening of the Nancy Millis building and the Margaret Sheil laboratories.

Director's Blog - 27 November 2018 - Building for the future..

Earlier in the year, in my Director’s message, I spoke about imagining the future. The ability to drive future discovery is often not limited by our scientific imagination, but by the limits of the power or sensitivity of the instruments that exist that allow us to better ‘see’ or measure reality. Somehow, the deeper we delve, the more complexity we uncover.

Director's Blog - 7 November 2018 - Welcoming new industry groups..

In the past few weeks, Rhythm Biosciences and SYNthesis med chem moved into the Bio21 Business Incubator building (building 404). They join CSL, Circa Group and Prana Biotech as industry research groups who are part of the Bio21 community.

Director's Blog - 27 August 2018 - Imagining the future...

Scientists are problem-solvers and as we uncover new knowledge and develop new technologies, we are creating the future. As a director, it would sometimes be nice if it were possible to consult my tea leaves or to peer into a crystal ball; to know what the future holds and what direction I should steer the Bio21 ‘ship’. Not only for the next year or two; but to set a path for the next decade and beyond. Identifying the health and environmental needs of our society into the future, whilst continuing to provide the capacity and infrastructure to support cutting edge research for scientists to address these problems remains an ongoing challenge.

Director's Blog - 15 May 2018 - History lesson..

On 23 April, Bio21 hosted the ‘Pest Control Symposium’ organised by Phil Batterham. It was a wonderful opportunity to learn about the most recent developments in pest control, but also to celebrate and reflect on the development of genetics as a discipline since the elucidation of the structure of DNA in 1953; the 50 year history of genetics research at the University of Melbourne and to honour the people who were champions and trailblazers of genetics research at the University.

Director's Blog - 9 April 2018 - Respect now!

Last week I sat down to complete my biannual online course requirement “Appropriate Workplace Behaviour” as a staff member of the University. To quote from the email reminder: Appropriate Workplace Behaviour must be completed every 24 months. To remain compliant, please complete the refresher training within the next 2 weeks.” The course was estimated to take over an hour to complete. For many of us, this sort of exercise can seem like just another demand on our time when there are so many other pressing tasks requiring our urgent attention.

Director's Blog - 5 March 2018 - Investing in people..

In my last message, I reflected on the importance of renewing platform technology facilities at Bio21. I also mentioned the importance of investing in and recruiting highly skilled people with expertise in applying these technologies to their research.

Director's Blog - 9 February 2018 - Packages of possibility

Christmas has passed and the New Year has commenced. Grant-writing season is in full swing and we’ve almost forgotten those rainforest walks and the smell of the ocean. Then, a tardy package arrives in the mail and for short while, we recall the joy of unpacking presents. 

Director's Blog - 8 December 2017 - Giving while living...

As we embark on the Christmas holiday period, where gifts are given and shared, it is good to reflect on the gifts we have been given, sometimes without our knowledge. The building in which we work – the Bio21 Institute of Molecular Science and Biotechnology - was made possible through such a gift given by Chuck Feeney, through Atlantic Philanthropies.

Director's Blog - 8 November 2017 - The tradition of public lectures..

Recently I had the pleasure of attending the Graeme Clarke Oration, 30 October. As a sponsor, the Bio21 Institute benefitted from the profile we received as an institute, were invited to the gala dinner and to showcase our research to high school students as part of the Biomedical Innovation Showcase.


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