Research Systems Infrastructure

The Research Systems Infrastructure Platform manages the computing environment and provides specialist services to core research facilities, researchers and research groups in the Bio21 Institute.

The team has strong expertise in systems development and support for specialist research hardware and software; networking; Linux servers and workstations, web applications and databases.


Services offered by the Research Systems Infrastructure platform team include:

•    High performance computing , (HPC)
•    Research server administration,
•    Scientific instrument control (software and hardware),
•    Custom-built research work-stations,
•    Data acquisition/storage and transfer,
•    Specialized database design and administration,
•    LIMS,
•    Bioinformatics,
•    Software development

The Platform co-ordinates Institute activities with the University of Melbourne’s infrastructure and workspace computing services, faculties as well as external institutions, affiliates, developers and vendors.

We also implement services to support research activities, such as:

•    the online ordering system for the University’s Specialist Store
•    the online  Platform scheduling system

Group Members

Thu Nguyen

Jim Dang

Requesting help from RSIP

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Accessing Research Systems Infrastructure

Please contact t.nguyen [at] (Thu Nguyen) for further information.