Events and Seminars


Hosting a range of events and seminars is an important activity at the Bio21 Institute. Our aim is to organise and host a diverse program that is inclusive of academia, industry and the community.  Events include the Bio21 Institute 'Big Picture' Seminar Series, scientific conferences, seminars, workshops and networking functions. 

The Bio21 Institute's 'Big Picture' Seminar Series was launched in 2006 and has included high profile international and national speakers presenting on topics ranging from frontiers of science, technology transfer and matters of public awareness. All Seminars are held in the Institue's state-of-the-art auditorium.

For enquiries contact:

Helen Varnavas

Communications PR and Events Manager

T: 834 42225 (ext 42225) 


The Bio21 state-of the-art auditorium - venue for all seminars held at the Institute.