The Bio21 Institute is actively involved in broader education and public awareness programs that engage the local and international communities. 

Each year we host a range of community events that promote science and showcase the Institute's research and industry engagement programs. We are also aligned with broader initiatives, both here and abroad, including participating in a range of biotechnology conferences both in Australia and overseas.

In August, the Institute participates in a range of activities as part of the University of Melbourne's Open Day Program. 



Tours and briefings are conducted for community groups, schools and teachers. Please contact us with your enquiry using our online contact form.

Our Seminar Series is also an opportunity for interested community members to learn more about emerging public interest issues. Check our Events and Seminars program for more.

Contact us if you would like to be involved in a community outreach event or to find out more about the Bio21 Institute.

3 x Women at Open Day 2007 

 Display on Open Day


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