Science Sub-School Project

Bio21 Science Sub-School Project

The Science Sub-School will be a leading centre for science education for secondary school students and teachers. Aimed at inspiring the next generation of scientists, it will provide broad community benefit by attracting and supporting students who are passionate about science and through the education research laboratory, informing and transforming the science education experience.

The initiative is a result of a partnership between the University of Melbourne, led by the Bio21 Institute, and the Melbourne Graduate School of Education, the Victorian Government (Department of Education and Early Childhood Development), University High School and Debney Park Secondary College. This collaboration will support advancements in the development and delivery of science curriculum that is grounded in up to date science and supported by robust pedagogical research to:

  1. Deliver up to date science curriculum to secondary students in purpose built science facilities, inspiring students to undertake and continue science education
  2. Provide a ‘laboratory’ for research into science education, exploring new ways of delivering effective science education
  3. Build the capacity of in-service and pre-service science teachers, lifetime learning
  4. Expand the links between science in schools and research and industry, science in context.

To find out more about this exciting initiative and to keep up to date on the project, visit the Bio21 Science Sub School website


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